Have you applied for disability in New York and been denied? What happens after a Social Security disability application is denied a second time? Unfortunately, being denied multiple times happens to many people who suffer real disabilities and need financial assistance. In most cases, applicants thought they could simply submit several pages of medical documentation certified by one or more physicians and receive immediately approval. Or they neglected to submit documentation specific to the Social Security Administration’s disability criteria found in the SSA’s Blue Book Listing of Impairments. Regardless of the reason your application was denied, you have the right to a reconsideration appeal using a disability attorney for your claims representative.

What is the New York Office of Disability Adjudication and Review?

Following the first denial of a Social Security disability claim, you can appeal the denial by requesting a hearing presided over by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) working for the SSA. The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) will process your appeal and hearing request. Currently, New York has ODAR offices in Bronx, Queens, New York, Rochester, Long Island, Albany. Processing times can take up to a year or more, depending on where you live. To expedite and streamline the process, considering hiring an experienced disability attorney to handle your reconsideration appeal.

What Happens During an ODAR Appeal?

Administrative law judges review the medical documentation you originally submitted to the SSA. These judges will not consider new medical reports. This is just one of the many reasons you need a disability attorney to be your claims representative at an ODAR appeal. Your attorney knows how to answer questions posed by an ALJ in a manner that strongly validates your claim. In addition, disability lawyers may bring a vocational expert to the hearing to bolster your case and prove you are truly disabled.

Don’t try to manage your disability appeal without legal assistance. Call the law office of Daniel Berger today for immediate help with your SSI or SSDI claim.