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At the Law Office of Daniel Berger, we have represented individuals in Social Security disability cases since 1996. We understand the frustration and intimidation that can occur when filing.

Our expert attorneys will walk you through the entire process so you never take a step alone. We protect your rights to ensure you get the compensation to which you are entitled. We will provide the support you need to help you through the process with a favorable result.

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  • Understanding: your impairments
  • Doing: the “leg work” for you
  • Representing: you at each stage in your claim
  • Explaining: how your benefits are calculated

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We Offer a Client Focused Approach

Initial Applications

The Social Security Administration makes it easy to apply for benefits through the Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance programs.


Contrary to what you may have heard, filing an application for disability does not mean it will automatically be denied by the Social Security Administration.

Federal Court

If you have been denied at a hearing, don’t give up! Daniel Berger has focused on representing clients in complex Social Security disability cases in Federal Court.

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Client Testimonials

We Treat Our Clients Like Family

Carlos Torres

"El proceso que yo tuve con el abogado Daniel Berger y su officina fue muy excelente. Me gusto come el abogado Berger me ayudo el dia del audencia con el juez. Sus secratarias fueron muy amables y me ayudaron mucho con mi caso. Yo recomendo mucho a el abogado Daniel Berger."

A.Y Disla

"I was extremely satisfied with Mr. Daniel Berger and his staff. Mr. Berger was great in the hearing and how he handled my case. I am really thankful for all the hard work. Mr. Berger and his staff did and for winning my case."

Lilliam Rivera-Reyes

"I had a very challenging case; another attorney took my case and to my surprise sent me a letter dropping my case. I was very down and did not think I had a chance, until I met Mr. Berger and his staff. Their professionalism and hospitality was very warm and inviting. They took my case on as a challenge and gave me a hope. I am very thankful for his professionalism and for winning my case. I will never forget him and will recommend him to my friends and family."


    It usually takes three to five months to get an answer for your initial request. The timely handling of a case depends the nature of your disability and the information provided by yourself and your doctors. If the Social Security Administration denies your request, the process can take a year or more.

    We take most of disability case on contingency. Basically that means we don’t get paid until you do. The Social Security Administration (SSA) controls the amount we receive. They approve 25% of what is subsequently owed to you, and the maximum you could owe us is $6,000.

    You must have worked at a job that is covered by Social Security benefits, in general about 10 years. Your total earnings for a year are used to determine your credits. For 2016, the number of credits was $1260. This amount varies from year to year. A medical condition that the SSA deems as their definition of disability must be present.

    The SSA suggests that you apply for benefits as soon as you are disabled because of the time it may take for approval. We suggest that you contact our firm after you have been unemployed for three months. Contact us immediately if you know for certain you will be out of work for 12 months or more.

    Yes, but of course you must first win your claim. The benefits at that point are allowed to go back one year from the date you applied, provided you were not working. There is a waiting period of five months after your disability began.

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