Social Security disability (SSD) and supplemental security income (SSI) cases are complex and challenging. At the Law Offices of Daniel Berger, we focus our practice exclusively on Social Security law. We are the lawyers to help you in this challenging time of your life. Our attorneys will offer extraordinary service to our clients who have disabilities.


Social Security disability (SSD) income is calculated based on your unique case and how long you have worked. If you have been disabled for 12 consecutive months and your impairment does not allow you to work, you may qualify for SSD income. If you do not obtain Social Security disability on the first attempt, you will need to appeal the decision. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger will help you with you case.

Supplemental security income (SSI) is a federally funded supplemental income for people who have very little to no income. If you do not qualify for SSD, you may qualify for SSI to provide you with income to cover their basic necessities of shelter, food and clothing.

Social Security will determine the type of aid you will qualify for through a screening process. The U.S. Social Security Administration has several aid programs for which you may apply. The Law Offices of Daniel Berger can help guide you through the screening process to ensure you qualify for the proper benefits. We may be able to help increase your chances of having a successful case.

Over the past several years, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger have handled many different cases specifically regarding Social Security law. We are the lawyers who may be able to help anyone with any type of disability. Our past clients have had disabilities ranging from brain injuries, heart disease, COPD, arthritis, kidney disease and many other physical disabilities. We have also helped clients with various psychological conditions such as PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Mentally ill patients have the right to qualify for disability as those with physical disabilities.

We at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger have compassion for those with disabilities either physical or mental. No one chooses to be disabled. We know it happens and we are on your side. We will assist you with our knowledge in Social Security law to get you the proper benefits to allow you to have the highest quality of life possible. We will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. Please let us help you and call us today.