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What Blood Disorders Qualify for SSA Disability Benefits?

If you suffer from a common blood disorder like anemia, hemophilia or any other coagulation disorder, your symptoms may keep you from work. But if you’re interested in disability benefits, you may find that the Social Security disability process can be very confusing. If you have a medical condition that is keeping you from supporting yourself financially, you may be entitled to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Blood Dosorders Disability

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for determining whether individuals have a disorder, ailment or disease that is severe enough to keep them from properly supporting themselves financially. Luckily for millions of Americans, the SSA does recognize a number of common hematological disorders, and you may be eligible for benefits.

Which Common Hematological Disorders Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Many hematological conditions are listed among the more serious debilitating disorders that are recognized by the SSA. If you are interested in pursuing Social Security disability benefits, these nine blood disorders currently meet the eligibility requirements under SSA rules:

· Chronic Anemia – A diagnosis of an anemic condition does not automatically qualify for benefits, as persons must prove the disorder affects their ability to work.

· Aplastic Anemias – This type of anemia affects the red blood cells and bone marrow.

· Chronic Thrombocytopenia – This condition often results in a low or decreased blood platelet count.

· Myelofibrosis – This blood disorder causes the bone marrow to produce excess tissue and can lead to other health complications.

· Sickle Cell Anemia – There are a variety of different types of sickle cell anemia, the majority of which can cause varying degrees of chronic pain.

· Coagulation Problems – Many hematological conditions can result in coagulation problems, with hemophilia being the most common.

· Granulocytopenia – This disorder results in the lack of a certain type of white blood cell and affects the immune system.

· Abnormal Increases – Many different blood conditions can result in an unhealthy increase in either the white or red blood cells, leading to debilitating symptoms.

· Decreased Blood Platelets – Low blood platelets can prevent the blood from forming clots, resulting in severe bleeding.

How Do I Know If I Qualify for SSA Disability Benefits?

You may apply for SSA disability benefits on the basis of any medical or physical disability condition that keeps you from performing the type of work that you have completed in the past. Other hematological disorders may also qualify for disability benefits, even if they aren’t specifically outlined by the SSA. So remember to keep this information in mind as you move forward with your SSD claim.

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