It is extremely common for individuals to be denied for Social Security disability benefits, especially the first time that they apply. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Initially, many people know very little about Social Security disability law in their state and the requirements needed to be met in order to be approved. There are very specific rules and guidelines that need to be followed in order to streamline the process of filing. Many individuals who file also believe that when they file for the first time it is a sure thing which is not always the case.

Many people are not sure why they have been denied Social Security disability benefits. Many expert disability lawyers will say that this is because the paperwork is not filed correctly. This means that they did not provide the correct medical documentation, did not file on time, or simply missed a step during the filing process. If you make over a certain amount a month, then you may automatically be denied for benefits and the rest of your documentation will not even be looked at.

Having a Successful Case
There is no way to ensure that you will win your case but there are some ways that you can significantly increase your chances for success. It is important to be patient and hire an attorney to help you through the entire process.

  • Make sure that your physician is going to support your claim and fill out all of the required paperwork that is necessary to streamline the application process
  • If you have to appeal your case, then you need to submit all copies of your medical records each time you appeal
  • Be cooperative to all of the staff as well as your claims worker which means responding to phone calls and letters
  • Make sure that you are fully aware of the deadlines so that you turn in your paperwork when you are supposed to.