The easiest way to apply for disability benefits is through the Social Security Administration’s online portal. Even if you do not regularly use the internet, it is still the best way to apply. Therefore, you should have someone assist you, if needed.

Apply Disability Benefits Online

Going through the online process also an easy way to submit your vital information, regardless of personal comfort level with working online.If you plan on applying for benefits and want to learn how to apply online, follow a few simple guidelines.

Gather Your Documents

Before you log onto your computer to fill out the application, find the information you will need to fill in the online form. Factor in some time to compile the information and track down any information you don’t already have in your possession.

The documents you need include:

– Proof of birth (birth certificate)

– Proof of citizenship or lawful resident status

– U.S. military discharge papers if you served before 1968 (if applicable)

– W-2s or self-employment tax forms for the past year

– Medical records, doctors’ reports and relevant test results

– Proof of any income you have received, including pay stubs, award letters, agreements and more

Personal Information

You also need to provide personal information with your application. Have this information ready as well.

– Date and place of birth

– Social Security number

– Names, dates and Social Security numbers of your current and any former spouses

– Names and birth dates of any minor children

– Bank account and routing numbers (for automatic deposits of payments)

– Contact information of a close friend or relative who is able to help you with the process

– Specific details about your condition and its effect on your ability to work

– Names of all medications and prescribed dosages

– Contact information for all medical providers

– Names and dates of all medical tests and the name of the ordering physician

– How much money you earned over the past two years

– Contact information for all employers over the past two years

– A copy of your Social Security statement

– Dates of active military service before 1968

– A list of jobs you had over the past 15 years before you became disabled and the dates you held those jobs

– Information regarding any workers’ compensation you received

Filling Out the Application

After you gather the appropriate documents and other information, you are ready to fill out the online application. You can access the application by visiting the Social Security Administration’s website. Simply click on the button named Start a New Application then follow the online instructions to complete the form with the necessary information.

Saving Your Application

If you cannot finish your application in one sitting, you don’t need to worry. Just save the progress on your application and continue it at a later time. When you are ready to continue with your application, click on the button called Return to Saved Application Process and proceed with your work. Once you are done filling out the form, the application goes directly to the SSA.

If you have questions regarding the online application process, contact the Law Office of Daniel Berger today.