A Social Security Administration Disability Examiner analyzes and investigates disability claims, acts as a mediator between applicants and the SSA and may also communicate with insurance companies providing documentation for claims. The SSA’s disability determination services (DDS) are solely handled by Disability Examiners who make sure all claims include pertinent medical records, doctor’s recommendations and other details essential for a complete disability evaluation. In addition, a Disability Examiner is experienced with determining the severity and validity of a person’s disability. They report their conclusions to SSA administrators and insurance companies at the end of their investigation.

Disability Examiner

Why is a Disability Examiner Important to Getting Approved for Disability Claims?

Although the final decision to approve or disapprove a claim is left to SSA’s board of expert medical professionals, their decision is heavily influenced by findings presented to them by the Disability Examine. When the SSA’s disability determination services report their belief a claimant is indeed disabled, the SSA determines what kind of benefits that claimant receives. This is why clinical reports, lab results and physicians’ notes are vital to maximizing the amount and length of time benefits are awarded. Within a few weeks following a disability evaluation, applicants are sent a determination letter telling them whether they have been approved, denied or require more documents before a decision can be made.

What Happens When a Disability Evaluation is Denied by the SSA?

Claim denials are almost always due to a Disability Examiner finding the applicant did not meet DDS rules regarding disability qualifications. The Social Security Administration permits appeals of denials but appeals are complex, lengthy and involve court proceedings with an SSA judge. Claimants wanting to appeal a denial should enlist the assistance of an experienced disability attorney who knows exactly how the appeal process works and what documentation is needed to win approval following an appeal.

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