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How do I Get Disability Benefits for Kidney Failure?

End-stage kidney failure will automatically qualify someone for Social Security disability benefits. People suffering chronic kidney disease who gradually lose kidney functioning and require a kidney transplant or dialysis to remain alive are typically diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. The Social Security Administration lists kidney failure under genitourinary impairments in their Blue Book of qualifying medical conditions. In addition to end-state kidney failure, nephrotic syndrome is another chronic kidney condition eligible for Social Security disability. Applicants diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome may be approved immediately if they have medical documentation proving they have experienced severe edema for at least three months, extremely high protein levels in their urine and decreased serum albumin levels in their bloodstream.

KIdney Failure

Can Complications of Kidney Disease Qualify You for Disability Benefits?

Some people have kidney disease but do not meet SSA Blue Book criteria for SSDI or SSI. However, since the kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins from the body, many individuals diagnosed with early onset kidney disease suffer debilitating medical complications, such as hypertensive crisis, stroke, congestive heart failure or sudden (acute) kidney failure. If an applicant was hospitalized more than three times for kidney disease complications in one year, they will qualify for benefits under the Blue Book’s genitourinary impairments criteria.

What Kind of Medical Documentation is Required by the SSA to Get Approved for Disability Benefits?

Applicants should submit all records of medical treatments, lab results, hospitalizations, evidence of ongoing kidney dialysis and documentation delineating the progression of the disease. For applicants suffering nephrotic syndrome, medical records need to show the severity of edema (periorbital, peritibial and presacral), as well as instances of pleural and/or pericardial effusion. Medical evidence gathered by renal biopsies should include specimen reports or a doctor’s statement describing the results of the biopsies.

Can You Get Social Security Disability After a Kidney Transplant?

Kidney transplants provide recipients one year of disability automatically following the transplant. After the year is up, the SSA will assess eligibility based on the recipient’s residual impairments. In addition, Social Security considers events like episodes of kidney rejection, frequency of renal infections and side effects of immunosuppressant medications.

Applying for disability benefits for kidney failure involves submission of numerous medical documents, reports and laboratory results in addition to filling out several pages of SSA forms. Contact the Law Office of Daniel Berger today for assistance with filing your disability claim.

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