Getting Approved for Substance Addiction Disorders

Coming to terms with a debilitating substance addiction disorder is a tough thing to do without any professional help or assistance from trained medical professionals. In order to successfully tackle your addiction issues, it’s crucial to seek help at a New York medical facility that offer dedicated programs for treating substance abuse addictions. Because many of these programs require a full-time commitment for in-patient care or outpatient treatment, you may desire to have Social Security disability benefits during this important time.

Unfortunately, SSDI benefits are not directly available solely for the treatment of substance abuse. The only way to be eligible for disability benefits is to submit a claim to SSA based on another disorder that appears on the agency’s allowed list of disorders. This means that your substance abuse disorder must be related to either an existing mental, personality or physical disorder.

List of disorders that must correlate with substance abuse:

● Anxiety disorders
● Depressive syndrome
● Personality disorders
● Organic mental disorders
● Peripheral neuropathy
● Gastritis
● Pancreatitis
● Liver damage
● Seizures

Medical Proof of Disorders

Mental, psychological and physical disorders can cause people to fall into a cycle of substance abuse involving prescribed medication, alcohol or illegal drugs. When looking over your claim SSA must determine first the origin of your addiction, and it does this by reviewing your medical records. The agency is going to request medical reports from your physician, and pour over them to see if your claim for disability support is valid enough to make it through the strict screening process.

In the agency’s view, any addiction problem you’re experiencing is a side-effect of a much larger medical issue. However, simply having an approved disorder doesn’t automatically mean SSA is going to approve your claim.

Addiction Should Not Be the Main Focus

Keeping in mind the rules for claim approval, your substance addiction should never be the main focus of your benefits claim. If you haven’t filed a claim yet, you can work on a new approach. If you’ve already filed a claim based on addiction, you must wait for the denial before appealing or filing another claim.

Seek Legal Help

If you feel strongly that your mental and physical disorders qualify you for disability, the best road to a successful claim is to find a qualified attorney who understands the intricacies of Social Security disability law. These type of cases are so complicated that it’s difficult for a non-experienced person to win without the help of a good lawyer. Your attorney can strongly advocate for you, giving you a much-needed voice during court proceedings.