Many people believe that you must be permanently disabled in order to be approved by the Social Security administration for disability benefits. The fact is, to receive benefits you must be disabled for a minimum of twelve months, however, if you recover your benefits will cease. It is common for people who have been involved in an accident or have an illness to receive disability benefits, recover and return to their workplace.

The Twelve Month Minimum

In order for the Social Security Administration to grant you disability benefits, you absolutely must be disabled for twelve consecutive months. The only exception is when you stop work because you are disabled, but return for six months or less, then stop to work again because of the same disability that is preventing you from working. If this occurs, both your months off work before and after will count toward meeting the requirement of twelve months of disability. When you apply for disability benefits, claim the earliest date that you believe you were disabled and list any dates that you returned to work for six months or less and stopped due to the disability. In order to be sure you are filling out the paperwork as accurately as possible, team with an experienced disability attorney. An attorney that has several years of experience will know the correct information needed to have a successful claim.

Working After Disability Benefits

After you have met the twelve-month duration requirement, you could be eligible for one of Social Security’s work incentive programs. These programs allow you to work while receiving benefits. However, it is important to avoid overpayments that you will have to repay. Report to the Social Security Administration as soon as you start work or before so that you have the opportunity to utilize the return-to-work Social Security programs.
Source: The Disability Advisor