The Social Security disability system in the US has two distinctly different types of benefits available to those that are disabled. Social Security disability insurance is for those who have worked long enough to earn sufficient work credits needed to qualify. SSDI will be granted if the assessment made by the administration indicates they meet all the necessary qualifications. The second type of disability benefit, is one that applies to applicants that have not worked long enough to amass enough credits or people that have never worked, including minor children.

The Social Security Administration applies very strict standards, which must be met in order to qualify for SSDI. In order to be granted payments, the applicant has to have worked for a set period of time and not yet reached the age of retirement. The Administration must be provided with sufficient supporting information to satisfy them that the disability will last at least for 12 months or result in the death of the claimant.

It is not easy to gain approval for Social Security disability in NY, however, if the application is approved payments will continue until such time the disability is no longer an issue. Additionally, when the beneficiary reaches retirement age, Social Security retirement benefits will take over. In some cases, a dependent of a disabled individual may also be granted a stipend.

SSI, Supplemental Security Income is another form of Social Security in NY. One who applies for this does not have to meet the stringent work requirements. SSI is a program that applies to people who do not have any appreciable income, are homeless, mentally ill or minor children.

When application is being made for Social Security disability insurance there are numerous documents that must be supplied to the Administration along with the application. The applicant will have to provide medical records from his or her attending physicians or any other individual involved such as therapist. Unfortunately, about three quarters of all applications are denied and the individual is faced with a lengthy appeal. When the appeal process is done with a seasoned Social Security disability attorney the chances of success are much greater, than if the appeal was fought with no legal assistance.