The SSA-3368 form is used for individuals who need to claim disability benefits. It is the most important form that you will have to fill out during your application process. Though you can fill this form out on your own, you are allowed to have a representative such as a SSD lawyer help you fill this form out. The only person that you cannot have help you with this form is your doctor. There are other forms that your doctor can help with, but 3368 is not one of them.

Social Security Disability Claim Concept

Though SSA-3368 is straightforward and easy to answer, you may have questions or concerns regarding what you should fill in because all questions need to be answered. For instance, if there is a section in the form that does not apply to you, you must write n/a instead of leaving it blank. The answers you provide on this form affect every single step during your disability claim reviewing process so it is the most critical. It is the primary form in your process. There are some questions you will need to review with your spouse or pay extra attention to, so read the application carefully.

How the 3368 form is used

DDS will be reviewing your disability application in order to determine if you meet all the requirements to receive benefits. The 3368 form uses the form to get:

  • Information to contact all of your doctors and medical professionals/specialists so they can gather medical records and get copies of any documents they may need for your claim
  • Information on your former workplace, what jobs and responsibilities you had, how much you were making, and how to contact employers
  • Contact information of those who know about your disability and can help increase the potential of your application. This includes any family, friends, or therapists
  • A thorough explanation of your job, including the training you have to go through for the job and any qualifications you have to receive to fulfil the role. This describes how functional you can be in your role at work and the limitations that you have because of your disability.
  • All the specific details about the disability you have, which includes when and what you were diagnosed with and what the doctor is doing to treat your condition

These are just a few areas of the application that you will need to focus in on and provide critical information, especially to benefit you and the results of your claim. The examiner will be thoroughly reviewing your application so it is important to note the limitations and restrictions you have as well as the severity.

Help with your 3368 form

Because this form is critical to your disability claim process, you can get help if needed. Whether you have someone physically fill out the form for you, that is ok, but you will need to sign that papers to authorize releasing any medical documents to others. You are allowed to select anyone to help you fill out your form, this also includes a Social Security representative and also a lawyer if you decide to hire one during this time. The most beneficial person to help you fill out your form would be a disability lawyer. They will be able to give you tips on your answers so you can get the greatest chance of winning your claim. Your lawyer can advise you on what medical documents and reports to focus on. Additionally, your lawyer can be there during your hearing if that’s what you’re comfortable with.