Your child has a disability, either physical or mental, which limits their ability to participate in every day life activities. The disability has put a financial strain on your family. You need assistance. The assistance a family can apply for is child SSI (Supplemental Security Income) through the social security administration. The social security administration has a process it adheres to in awarding SSI. It can be a difficult process and a free consultation with one of the expert attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger can make the process more clear.

How to Win a Child SSI Case

There are several factors the social security administration will consider when evaluating your childs application for SSI.

  • Does your child have a disability or condition which limits their participation in activities or their ability to work?
  • Has the condition lasted more than 12 consecutive months and is expected to continue?
  • A list of the conditions can be found on the social security administrations website listed here.
  • The other factor the social security administration will look at is the household income and assets.

    Once you have assessed the basic factors for your childs SSI case you will need to assist in the likelihood of the case being approved. Make sure you turn in all medical records to social security. If you child has a behavioral issue make sure you obtain the records from the school documenting the behavior. Any additional medical or behavioral records from professional assistance your child was treated for. These documents will help in winning your childs SSI hearing.

    If your childs SSI hearing is denied and you have not obtained legal assistance, you should seek professional help with one of the attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger. The expert attorneys will relieve you of the paperwork needed to document your case. They will be able to start an appeal process for you in a timely manner to help get you the assistance you need with your child and their disability. We want you to focus on the care you need to provide to your child. We are here to help you in our area of expertise. The law offices of Daniel Berger are here for you to provide the ability to manage your childs SSI case.