Having a quality doctor on your side is always helpful in medical cases. It is especially critical for those who are applying for Social Security benefits. SS relies severely on medical records, evidence, and statements to determine one’s disability. The application can become hard to process if a statement and evidence from a doctor isn’t provided.

applying for disability benefits

Meeting with Your Doctor

Before you decide to fill out an application to receive Social Security Disability benefits, contact your doctor and set up a meeting. During this meeting, you should cover your plan and the process of filing for disability. If you want to highly increase your chances of receiving benefits, you will want to have your doctor prepared a statement to go with your claim.

When meeting with your doctor, review your disability and how it affects your daily life and routine. Before your doctor writes a statement for you, they need to understand that difficulties you’re having. Discuss with your doctor if they think this is the best solution for you and if it is worth both your time and energy. If they support your decision, the approval for benefits will be in your favor.

What does your doctor need to provide?

SSA will want your doctor to provide and written statement that will go into the extent of your disability as well as the circumstances that come with it. This information should be detailed and also have any supported evidence such as medical records, medical tests, medications, medical updates, etc.

The can assist you in matching up your condition to the Blue Book list.

The Blue Book is the official listing of disabilities and disorders that are covered for those who would like to receive Social Security disability benefits. When you apply, a representative will compare your disability and symptoms to their medical list to determine if you are able to receive benefits. You should review this with a professional because it is common to mix up disorders.

Disorders such as heart, kidney/liver, and respiratory only rely on certain numbers that you would receive from diagnostic procedures and tests to determine someone’s disability. If you don’t receive help from a medical professional then it can be hard to determine if you qualify or not. Though you are able to apply for Social Security disability benefits, it will be incredibly hard for you to get benefits without a test from your doctor to provide evidence.

Doctors can advise you to take new medical tests

Like previously stated, medical tests cover a huge portion of evidence that should be provided to make your claim to receive benefits based on your condition. Unfortunately, for those who are applying, the SSA can and will be extremely picky about results and if tests are not provided, there’s a high risk that you might get denied. At times, if the tests and results are outdated, whether they’re good enough or not, the timing might be what gets you rejected.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, meet with your doctor and figure out if you need to retake or update any tests that gave you the results of your condition. Your doctor will then help compile all of your medical files that lead to your disorder, such as your medical history, medications, notes during exams and check-ups and any other documents.

They can endorse you to receive benefits

With the doctor’s statement, they will explain your disorder, when you were first diagnosed, the limitations you have because of it and also what they have been using to treat your condition thus far. This will lead to reasons why your doctor thinks you should receive Social Security disability benefits.