In New York, people who hire disability attorneys have a higher rate of approval for their cases than people who do not. So, it is a wise idea to hire a qualified and experienced SSI or SSDI attorney if you plan on applying for benefits. Here is some important information to know about

SSD & SSDI Attorney

SSDI and SSI hearing attorneys.

Knowledge of Administrative Law

A qualified and experienced disability lawyer has extensive knowledge about administrative law. This means your lawyer will know how claims are approved, which will make it easier to navigate the process and get you a favorable result.

Knowledge About how to Obtain Evidence

Most of the time, the approval of a claim hinges largely on the information that is gathered to help solidify the case. The most important types of information are medical records and work history. Sometimes this type of information is difficult to obtain on your own. However, doctors and employers are often more willing to give it to attorneys. SSI and SSDI hearing attorneys know the right questions to ask and exactly what to request to get the information that is needed. Further, they know how to analyze the information and use it to formulate a case once it is in their possession.

Knowledge About Appeals

Although working with a disability lawyer greatly increases your chances of winning your case, it is not a guarantee. In fact, a majority of applications are denied the first time they are submitted. If your claim is denied, a disability lawyer can help you appeal the ruling. The appeals process can take a long time, as it has many steps. A lawyer will keep you informed of the progress and can also be a source of assurance that the process is going as expected.

Payment is on a Contingency Basis

Many people hesitate to hire a disability lawyer because there is a common belief that they are expensive. However, this is simply not true. Disability lawyers in New York work on a contingency basis. This means that they only get paid if your case is won. This fact will make your lawyer work harder for you. Further, if your case is won, you will not have to pay your lawyer with money from out of your pocket. Instead, your lawyer’s fee will be taken out of the back pay that will be owed to you from the SSA.

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