Social Security Disability Newsletter

Our informative monthly newsletter provides valuable information about Social Security disability to our clients and professionals in our community that assist the disabled. If you would like a past issue, please contact our office and we would be happy to provide it to you. Click here for this month’s issue.

January-18 Blood Disorders Can Be Severe and Make Work Impossible
February-18 How Do We Prepare For Hearings?
March-18 Sometimes More Than Social Security Disability Available
April – 18 Autism Spectrum Listing a Challenge
May-18 Cardiac Complications and Disability
June-18 Representative Payee Program Gets Updated
January-17 Social Security and the New Year
February-17 Social Security Revises Mental Impairment Listings-Part 3
March-17 Social Security Disability: Current Events
April – 17 Traumatic Brain Injury Challenges Disability Determinations
May-17 Epilepsy Analysis Changes in New Neurological Listings
June-17 New Multiple Sclerosis Rules Change the Analysis
July-17 How to Prove Claims for Anxiety Disorders
August-17 Evaluating Intellectual Disorders – a Revised Analysis
September-17 New Guidelines: Docs Don’t Rule Anymore
October-17 It Takes a Village
November-17 Eating Disorders Have Listings
December-17 New Year Brings Slight COLA Increases and Uncertainty
January-16 Important Legal Documents for Families of the Disabled
February-16 Chronic Back Pain Claims Challenging to Prove
March-16 Making a Disability Case for Dementia
April – 16 Disability Eligibility for Migraine Headaches
May-16 Judges – Longer Backlogs and Fewer Approvals
June-16 Sarcoidosis and Social Security Disability
July-16 Interstitial Cystitis Symptoms Can Preclude Work
August-16 Glossary of Social Security Disability Terms
September-16 SSA Issues Ruling on Genetic Testing
October-16 Ya’ Gotta Keep in Touch~And There’s an App for That!
November-16 Social Security Revises Mental Impairment Listings
December-16 Social Security Revises Mental Impairment Listings-Part 2
January-15 Depression: How to Prove a Disability Case
February-15 Cardiac Claims More Challenging with Better Science
March-15 So Just What Is “Quarters of Coverage”?
April-15 Trust Fund Issues – Define The Problem Before Chopping Benefits
May-15 Digestive Disorders: Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and IBS
June-15 Representative Payee – Duties and Pitfalls
July-15 Age and Disability – Congress Making Changes?
August-15 Disability and Pain – A Challenge of Proof
September-15 Cancer Listings Modified by Social Security
October-15 Mental Illness Claims: What You Need To Know
November-15 Tidbits from the World of SS Disability
December-15 Disability Benefits Protected with Budget Deal
January-14 Cost of Living Increases
February-14 Demonstrating Limitations for Arthritic Impairments
March-14 Proposed Changes to Listings for Cancer Frustrating
April-14 Social Security Cutting District Office Services
May-14 SSA Ruling for Fibromyalgia
June-14 Initial Application: Important to be Prepared at the Outset
July-14 When Choosing a Social Security Attorney – Choose Local
August-14 Social Security Updates Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Requirements
September-14 Substance Abuse and Social Security Disability
October-14 Medical Records Can Make or Break a Claim
November-14 SSA Issues Ruling on Diabetes Complications
December-14 Meager COLA Increase Ends Difficult 2014
January-13 AIDS/HIV and Hepatitis C Disability Still Evolving
February-13 What to Expect an  Administrative Judge Hearing
March-13 Proving Anxiety Disorders for Disability Claims
April-13 Listing of Impairments: Key to Disability Eligibility
May-13 Back Pain Claims: Most Common Disability
June-13 Updates on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
July-13 ADA Protection and Social Security Benefits
August-13 Challenges to Proving Lupus as a Disability
September-13 How Can a Claimant Afford an Attorney?
October-13 Social Security Eliminates “Mental Retardation” Title
November-13 Depression and Disability: How to Prove a Case
December-13 How Can Providers Help With Disability Claims?
January-12 Proving Disability for Multiple Sclerosis
February-12 Psychiatric Disorders as Basis for Disability
March-12 The Dirty Dozen: 12 Biggest Mistakes Claimants Make
April-12 Getting Your Clients All Possible Benefits
May-12 Use of Hands Vital to Most Jobs
June-12 Substance Abuse: Is it Still a Disability?
July-12 Disability Factors in Respiratory Diseases
August-12 New Compassionate Allowance Conditions Announced
September-12 Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Fast-Tracked Decisions
October-12 New Ruling for Fibromyalgia
November-12 Important Tips for Filling Out Forms
December-12 How Can Providers Help Disability Claims?
January-11 Documenting Limitations for Arthritic Impairments
February-11 Medical Records Can Make or Break a Claim
March-11 Mental Illness Claims: Challenging But Winnable
April-11 Combined Impairments Help Prove Disability
May-11 Expediting Your Client’s Social Security Claim
June-11 Cardiovascular Disability on the Rise
July-11 Treating Physicians’ Role in Disability Claims
August-11 Digestive Disorders: Chron’s Disease, IBS and Colitis
September-11 When Do Dependent Children Qualify for Payments?
October-11 When Does Kidney Disease Become Disabling?
November-11 The Role of Vocational Experts
December-11 Planning In-service Trainings or Speakers for 2012?
January-10 SSA’s Cancer Disability Regulations Updated
February-10 State Economy Affects Social Security Claims
March-10 Proving Mental Impairments for Disability Claims
April-10 It Gets Easier As You Get Older
May-10 Diabetes in Danger of Losing Disability Status
June-10 Back Pain Cases Prove Challenging But Winnable
July-10 What on Earth are “Frozen Quarters”?
Aug-10 The Legal Effect of Medical Side-Effects
Sept-10 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cases Can Be Won
Oct-10 What Qualifies You for Social Security or SSI Disability?
Nov-10 Fibromyalgia: Medical and Legal Mystery
Dec-10 It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates
January-09 Lupus Covered by New Disability Regulations
February-09 Unemployment Benefits and Disability Law
March-09 Proving Pain in Disability Claims
April-09 What to Expect at an Administrative Judge Hearing
 May-09 “Listing of Impairments” How Does Social Security Determine Eligibility?
June-09 When is Kidney Disease Disabling?
July-09 RFC – The Key to Proving Disability
August-09 Considering Literacy as Part of a Disability Claim
Sept-09 Disability in Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases
Oct-09 How Can a Claimant Afford a Lawyer?
Nov-09 Well-Documented Fatigue Strengthens Claims
Dec-09 It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates
January-08 Multiple Sclerosis: Unique Issues for Proving Disability
February-08 The Secret to Success in Reopening Prior Claims
March-08 Back Pain Cases Need Special Attention
April-08 Important Tips for Filling Out Forms
 May-08 Cancer Disability Claims: Develop the Whole Picture
June-08 New Regulations Issued on Immune Disorders
July-08 When Family Members are Eligible for Disability Benefits
August-08 Not Too Late for Tax Stimulus Checks
Sept-08 11 Biggest Mistakes Claimants Make
Oct-08 Personality Disorders as a Basis for Disability
Nov-08 Brain Injuries May Trigger Eligibility for Benefits
Dec-08 It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates