If you plan on applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA), one of the biggest determining factors will be your level of residual functional capacity (RFC). In fact, the SSA will require you to fill out an RFC form, which will aid in their decision making process. So, before you complete your application, make sure you are familiar with the following important information.

Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) Forms

What is RFC?

Your RFC is the ability you have to perform work-related activities. The SSA will give you a rating based on how well you can accomplish tasks that are related to the job you had when you became disabled. They will use this rating to determine if you are disabled and to what extent. The SSA will ask you to complete an RFC form to help make their decision.

Who fills out the RFC form?

Although you are responsible for the completion of the RFC form, it will ultimately be filled out by your doctor or other medical care provider.

Types of forms

There are several different types of RFC forms that can be downloaded from the Internet. You will need to choose the form that best fits the medical condition that is causing you to seek disability benefits. The types of forms include:

– Abdominal curvatures

– Arthritis

– Bladder problems

– Cardiac issues

– Cervical spine

– Childhood disability

– Chronic fatigue syndrome

– Crohn’s, colitis, IBS and incontinence

– Diabetes mellitus

– Disorders of the spine

– Dizziness

– Fibromyalgia

– Functional capacity evaluation

– Headaches

– Hearing impairments

– Hepatitis C


– Interstitial cystitis

– Lumbar spine

– Lupus

– Meniere’s disease

– Mental problems

– Multiple sclerosis

– Myasthenia gravis

– Neuropathy

– Obesity

– Parkinson’s disease

– Physical and mental disabilities combined

– Physical conditions

– Post-cancer treatment

– Post-polio sequelae

– Seizures

– Sjogren’s syndrome

– Sleep disorders

– Abnormal curvatures of the spine

– Spinal nerve root compression

– Stroke

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