Do you live in the Bronx, New York area and are unable to work due to a disability? You have the right to apply for Social Security disability and/or SSI benefits. An essential to step to your Social Security disability application is finding a qualified attorney to represent you. At the Law Office of Daniel Berger, we promise to fight tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcome for your case.

We Specialize in Disability Cases

We are a law firm based in Bronx, NY, that specializes in all kinds of disability cases. We understand most people who make claims for disability benefits are not well aware of the processes involved and the long processing times. A lot of our clients come to us once they have filed their cases and have gotten an unfavorable result. Our lawyers give you personalized attention and analyze your case thoroughly before recommending a course of action. A lawyer will go through your case in great detail and highlight all the necessary details that can help you get a favorable decision. We will assist you with the routine matters on your claim, such as filling our appeals on time and assisting you in completing standard Social Security questionnaires. These things can be very burdensome, but are routine to our firm.

We Have the Experience Necessary

We understand there are many attorneys in the Bronx area, but what sets us apart is our years of experience. Daniel Berger has been handling Social Security disability and SSI cases for over 20 years. We also have a proven track record of successful cases and understand how the legal system works. Hiring an attorney will not necessarily speed the process, we regularly follow the status of your claim to be sure it is being processed properly. We can also help get back pay on your disability claims wherever possible. Consulting an attorney can be a life-changing decision for most people. Our fees are minimal compared to the benefits you get in the long run, and we promise to deliver desirable results, ensuring fair compensations.

Call the Law Firm of Daniel Berger today to get the representation you deserve for your Social Security disability claim in the Bronx. We do not collect an attorney fee unless we win your claim.