There are numerous ways that an individual can receive Social Security Disability — SSD — benefits. With the program, there is also a section called Old-Age, Survivors, Disability Insurance — OASDI — for those who are retired or may have a spouse who has passed away and they can still maintain an income to provide essentials. Depending on your past work situation, there are eligibility requirements, or if you are a window, they will need to review your spouse’s work.

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OASDI is an important section to the SSD program for it is structured so that retired individuals can continue to receive an income despite their older age, death of a spouse, or a dependent child whose parent passed away. OASDI benefits are based on how long the person worked, your spouse worked, or the parent of the child and how much they made. Majority of the benefits for this program go to retirees. To qualify, you need to be at least 62 years old for partial or 65-67 to get full benefits. A spouse who didn’t work is likely to be eligible for half of his or her working spouse’s benefits. For those who do qualify based on the standards, can receive benefits before retirement age. If you qualify for SSD, you need to be disabled and also not capable of performing tasks at work. You need to completely a disability application and special with a medical professional.

How Do The Retirement Benefits Work For OASDI?

Depending on an individual’s birthday determines when they qualify to receive OASDI benefits, but it generally between the age of 65-67. Commonly, beneficiaries, can receive the benefits when they are 62, but the rate will be reduced until 65. If you are receiving benefits at 62, SSA will increase your rate by 8 percent every year up until a beneficiary can delay benefits, which is 70. To qualify for benefits, an individual needs to work for at least 10 years and payments are based on the person’s salary and the age they retired.

How Do The Disability Benefits Work For OASDI?

Those who have been disabled for at least 5 months and will continue to be for at least 12 months based on a disorder and cannot work, can receive benefits. You must have medical evidence such as doctors notes, a diagnosis, and also how you are being treated. A statement from your doctor or any medical professional you have seen will be critical to your application. Millions of people receive a monthly payment of at least $1,000 in benefits because of their disability.

How Do The Survivors Benefits Work For OASDI?

OASDI also supports those who have lost their spouse or children who has lost their parent (s). Generally, survivors receive 75-100 percent of the beneficiaries Social Security. There is a limit that a family can be paid as a whole and that normally equals 150-180 percent of the deceased benefits.

A person who receives OASDI can receive this benefit in a few ways: vocational rehab, medical insurance, or monthly payments. With the monthly cash payment and properly filling out an application, you can receive your payments in cash each month after the sixth month. The amount you receive each month depends on the earning you, your spouse, or your parent made, so that will be determined during your application process. Reach out to an attorney so they can help you during this confusing and tough time.