When it comes to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), your physician is an important connection at all stages of the process.

Medical Treatment and SSDI

Application. If you are applying for SSDI benefits, you will need to work closely with your doctor on getting the correct information to the Social Security Administration (SSA). He or she will be able to provide the required information needed with your application. This includes:

● Hospital stays and clinic visits, dates stayed/visited, physician names
● A list of prescribed medicines and who prescribed them
● Medical history and medical tests (also who ordered them)

The SSA suggests that you don’t wait to apply simply because you do not have a piece of information. Your doctor may have specific pieces that are not in your possession. In addition, getting as much info as you can from your doctor will bolster your application – you may (and should) know much of this information yourself, but your physician will be able to provide accurate information to back up your understanding of your condition and properly document it.

Review. Most people do not receive benefits forever. Depending on your medical condition and prognosis, your case will be reviewed by the SSA more or less often – for example, if your condition is expected to improve, a review will be conducted six to 18 months after benefits begin. The more serious your condition, the longer the period between reviews; for conditions that are not expected to improve, reviews take place every five to seven years.

You will be asked to provide more medical reports at the time of review, so continuing to meet with your doctor for health evaluations is critical. It is your responsibility to keep the SSA updated on your medical condition at each time of review because any changes in your condition may affect your benefits.

Also, if your medical condition improves before your next review, you are responsible for notifying the SSA of such improvement. If you believe that your condition may have improved, your doctor will be able to document the improvements or lack thereof.