A heart valve disorder interferes with the ability of the heart to pump blood in and out of the heart. Common types of heart valve disorders include valvular stenosis, valvular insufficiency, congenital valve disease and bicuspid aortic valve disease. Causes of a heart valve disorder involve cardiovascular disorders like coronary artery disease (CAD), heart muscle disease, connective tissue diseases and high blood pressure. An advanced heart valve disorder can prevent someone from working due to severe weakness, breathing difficulties and risk of heart attack. The Social Security Administration may approve disability benefits for people with a disabling heart valve disorder.

Heart Valve Disorder

What is the Criteria to Qualify for Heart Valve Disorder Disability Benefits?

The SSA’s Blue Book has no individual listings for heart valve disorder but applicants can still apply for disability benefits using listings under the cardiovascular disorders section. Criteria needed to get approved for benefits include:

  • Suffering at least three acute heart failure events in 12 months. Symptoms such as premature ventricular contractions, breathing difficulties, mental confusion due to reduced blood flow to the brain and low systolic pressure must be proved with medical documentation
  • Having ischemic heart disease accompanied by low systolic pressure, repeated surgery to unblock blood vessels or coronary heart disease with 50 to 70 percent narrowing of a main artery
  • Recurring heart arrhythmias documented by clinical tests and causing fainting episodes and/or episodes of altered consciousness
  • Congenital heart disease causing dangerously low blood oxygen levels and obstructions in pulmonary blood vessels

Can You Qualify for Disability Benefits Without Meeting Medical Listings for a Heart Valve Disorder?

When a heart valve disorder does not meet criteria for cardiovascular disorders, you may qualify another way by proving to the Social Security Administration that you have limitations making it impossible for you to earn over $1130 each month. This is the minimum monthly income allowed by the SSA. You could be approved for disability benefits under the SSA’s medical-vocational allowance guidelines.

Unless you have medical documentation showing a heart valve disorder severely impacts your ability to work, you may be denied the first time you apply. Let the expert disability attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Berger handle your SSA application to help you avoid denials, delays and the stress of appealing SSA decisions.