A Social Security disability lawyer offers legal assistance to people trying to get SSI or SSDI benefits on “contingency”. This means if disability applicants do not pay their attorney unless they win their claim. Since many Social Security disability claims may extend over several years, lawyers understand financially unstable clients cannot pay them until they receive their settlement.This is why an SSD lawyer cost is waived until a settlement is approved.

disability lawyer fee

How Much Does a Disability Lawyer Receive Out of a Settlement?

Applicants seeking legal help with their disability claim will sign a fee agreement with their attorney that allows the client and attorney to agree on a specific fee, provided that fee does not exceed 25 percent or $6000 of the settlement. Limiting fees is part of SSA guidelines governing lawyer fees to ensure applicants are not taken advantage of following receipt of disability back pay.

The exception to the set fee rule applies to cases requiring multiple hearings and/or appeals with a federal court or SSA Appeals Council. When this happens, a disability lawyer can file a petition requesting payment that exceeds $6000. After reviewing the petition, the Social Security Administration will either approve or disapprove of the petition.

What are Upfront Fees?

While SSD attorneys cannot charge fees prior to a client receiving their disability approval and settlement, they are permitted to charge reasonable upfront fees to pay for ongoing expenses. The amount prepaid by a client is then put into a “trust” account. Anytime the attorney withdraws money from that account, they must tell the client. Disability lawyers must also agree to return any trust account funds remaining at the completion of the case.

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