Work history only affects Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) but does not make a difference when applicants seek approval for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. The Social Security Administration states that anyone applying for SSDI must prove they earned income from which Social Security “taxes” were taken. In addition, SSDI applicants must suffer from a qualifying medical condition that prevents them for earning a living wage for at least one year. For people receiving SSDI payments when they turn 65 years old, the SSA converts these payments into retirement benefits, with the amount remaining the same.

Social Security Disability Application

How Do Work Credits Affect Social Security Disability Insurance?

Currently, the SSA give people one credit every time they earn $1320. You must earn four credits each year to qualify for SSDI. In general, SSDI applicants need 40 credits to be approved (along with medical documentation proving they are disabled). Twenty of the 40 credits will have to be earned in the past 10 years. Exceptions to this rule involve individuals under 31 years of age who may qualify for disability benefits with less credits. Also, a disability application needs to indicate that the disability is a “total” disability, not a short-term or partial disability.

Are Work Credits Needed to Qualify for Social Security Supplemental Income Benefits?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) pays disability benefits to disabled children and adults with limited resources and income. People over 65 are also eligible to receive SSI benefits if they meet certain financial limits. The SSA permits applicants to file online for SSI if they are between 18 and 65, have never been married, are not legally blind and have never received or applied for Supplemental Security Income in the past.

When applying for SSDI, proving you have the necessary work credits may be difficult and delay processing of your claim. To expedite filing and approval of either an SSDI or SSI claim, contact the Law Office of Daniel Berger to schedule an immediate consultation appointment with an experienced disability lawyer.