Are You in Need of Help in Manhattan?

Living with a disability can be challenging in the New York area, especially when you don’t have all the resources you need or the government support you should be able to rely on. Social Security disability payments are becoming more difficult to obtain. However, you don’t have to shoulder this injustice alone. There are attorneys in Manhattan who are able to fight for your cause. At our office, you will find a disability attorney who can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

We Represent You At Each Step Of Your Claim

At the Law Office of Attorney Daniel Berger, we will assist you with all stages of your claim, including representing you at administrative hearings and on appeal in Federal Court in Manhattan. We understand that not all of our clients may understand how the Social Security disability benefits process works. In preparation for your administrative hearing, we will explain what issues are most important and will prepare you for the questions the judge is most likely to ask you. Additionally, if your benefits are denied we will assist you with the appeals process. On appeal in Federal Court we will submit written legal arguments and will attend oral arguments when necessary. Non-attorney representatives cannot do this for you. Attorneys from out of state firms may not be able to process Federal Court cases in NY if they are not admitted to practice in NY Federal Courts.

Let Us Offer It

Our law firm will do everything we can to make sure you receive the full amount of benefits you deserve. Our team of lawyers is compassionate and understanding of your condition. At the Law Office of Daniel Berger, we believe everyone has the right to the benefits they are entitled to, regardless of their health or mobility. We care about your rights and well-being. We will stand with you and help you through the entire process to gain the benefits you need. You can leave much of the work to us. In addition, we will regularly keep in touch with you about the status of your case. Contact us today to talk with a highly qualified Manhattan disability lawyer.