Slow Going With Your SSDI Claim? Get Help From a Congressperson To Expedite Your Disability Claim!

When you are rendered partially or fully disabled by a serious illness or injury, your life can go through some dramatic and alarming changes. Going to work every day is no longer an option. Earning a living is not something you can do anymore, and you need to make sure that you get the treatment and medical care that you need while you adjust to your new normal and recover.


Most people in this situation are entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, and if you qualify you should definitely get your application in as soon as possible. SSDI exists for people that can no longer earn a living due to injury or illness, and there is no reason they should not collect these benefits when work is no longer an option. However, the application and documentation process for SSDI can be very slow, and your bills won’t wait.

While the Social Security Administration evaluates your claim, assigns you a disability level, and makes a decision about your eligibility to receive SSDI, you still have bills to pay. Many people going through the SSA process for SSDI benefits wonder if there is anything they can do to expedite the process, especially if they have no other way to provide for themselves financially because of their condition.

The good news is, there is something you can do you can get help from your congressperson to expedite your disability claim. Your representative can make an official inquiry regarding your SSDI claim, which often serves to expedite the process for receiving a decision or getting a hearing to appeal a decision if your claim was denied. It’s not the only way to speed things up at the SSA, but sometimes it makes a significant difference in your wait time for approval or an appeal hearing.

Are you a New Yorker who already has an SSDI application in with the SSA? Are you looking to get your claim or appeal expedited, but not sure how best to go about it. Contact New York Disability today to see how we can help you with your SSDI case to get things moving, even if it means reaching out to get help from your congressperson to expedite your disability claim. You need your SSDI benefits in order to pay your living expenses, and your bills won’t wait around forever. If you are suffering from an illness or injury that qualifies you for SSDI, you need that money to live. Don’t wait around any longer. Take action and contact us today.