When you cannot work due to an injury or medical condition, Social Security Income is greatly appreciated. It is a relief to have a steady income when you are unable to work. Social Security Income provides great benefits. You may have tax questions when you get SSI.

Earned Income Tax Credit

EITC stands for earned income tax credit. Earned income credit is a tax credit for working people with middling income. Tax credits give tax breaks, meaning you will owe less taxes. Ultimately, you will have more money. You can claim tax credits when your file your yearly taxes.

There are requirements to qualify for Earned Income Tax Credits. You must have a Social Security number. You must also have earned income. So, what does this mean for your Social Security disability benefits?

SSI benefits is not considered earned income. Unfortunately, there are Social Security benefits that do not qualify as earned income for EITC. Social Security Income, or SSI, does not qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Military disability pensions do not qualify for this tax credit. Social Security Disability Insurance does not qualify, neither.

If you receive any of these disability benefits and wonder if you qualify for the tax credit, you can look into the requirements. However, the only way to qualify for the tax credit when receiving these benefits is if you have other earned income. If you have a spouse and you file a joint tax return with them, you can also qualify for the tax credit.

There are some benefits that do qualify for earned income EITC. There are Social Security retirement benefits that will qualify for EITC. The retirement benefits will get the tax credit.

If you have a disabled relative, he or she may qualify for a tax credit if you claim them. You are able to claim them on your taxes as long as the requirements are met. They should not have any earned income.

There are few disability benefits that qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. This is due to the important factor of the income being earned. However, there are retirement benefits that qualify for the tax credit.

If you receive Social Security benefits and wonder about EITC, there are resources that can answer your questions. Although you cannot receive the tax credit yourself, if you receive support from a spouse or relative, they can claim you on their taxes. If you are a person with earned income and you care for a disabled relative, you are eligible to claim them on your taxes.