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Coronavirus Update

With recent updates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to send our thoughts, prayers and well wishes to those who have already been affected.  As we eagerly wait for this pandemic to pass, we also hope that everyone is safe, strong and healthy at this time.

Please note that during this period, we will remain open and should you need to reach out to us for help with a case, we will be available via the following channels:

Telelphone: 718-588-4715

Social Media: Facebook – NYDisability; Law Office of Daniel Berger

Twitter – @DanielBergerLaw

Email: info@nydisability.com

We cannot thank our dedicated associates and management staff enough for working tirelessly for over 20 years to help our firm serve you. Their dedication not only to the firm but also to our clients is commendable. We are confident that our staff will fine-tune how we’ll work through the coming weeks and update you accordingly.

Thank you for your loyalty, support and patience during these challenging times. We assure you that we are committed to working through this period as best as we possibly can. We hope that together, we can get through it safely and quickly.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Law Office of Daniel Berger


How can I stay up to date with the Law Firm during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please continue to check this page for more updates. You may also follow us on Facebook and Twitter:



Will you still be accepting new cases during this period?

Yes. Kindly reach out to us at 718-588-4715 or send us an email at info@nydisability.com if you are a new client looking to open a case.

What documents do I need to file a claim?

It is helpful for you to have all information regarding employment, past and current medical treatment, as well as financial documents (bank statements, retirement accounts, etc). Finally simply be prepared to answer any questions relating to your health, daily activities, and your conditions.

I’m an existing client. What will happen to my case during this time?

DON’T WORRY! Nothing has changed with your case. Our office is still operating, as usual, and our staff has put measures in place to make sure our staff and clients are safe, following all local and national instructions from health experts. We will be holding phone appointments instead of in office appointments, but your case is still progressing. Most of the SSA employees are working from home, and work continues.

Will my case still be reviewed during this time?

Yes! Local state agencies, as well as federal workers for SSA are working from home or in small numbers in office. Processing of cases will continue.

What do I do if I have a scheduled hearing?

Hearings are continuing, but for now they are being held by telephone. You will have an option to request an in person hearing, but there may be a very long wait until an in person hearing is re scheduled. Fortunately we can hold hearings by phone to keep everyone safe. If you have a hearing scheduled, please call the office to discuss our options; however, do not worry, your case will still move forward.

Will I still be able to receive benefits during this period?

Yes. According to the Social Security Administration, you will continue to receive your disability benefits.

Will SSA extend deadlines to provide documentation and other necessary information?

Yes. According to the SSA, due to the pandemic, SSA will be a bit more lenient on deadlines and understanding, wherever possible; however, to be safe, it is very important that you continue to communicate with our office and that we meet standard 60 day deadlines for appeal submissions, as well as respond timely to SSA requests. Our office will continue to meet deadlines and we simply need you to keep in touch with us as usual! However, if there is a missed deadline as a result of the virus SSA will likely be understanding. For more details, You can visit https://www.ssa.gov/coronavirus/

Where can I get reliable information on the Coronavirus?

There is a lot of information out there right now, and not everything is accurate. Please be sure to keep an eye on government websites for reliable up to date information.



How can I avoid scams during the Coronavirus?

Unfortunately there have been many scams going on as a result of the virus. If you receive calls or emails, please be discerning. Feel free to call our office if you are confused.



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Our Testimonials

Testimonial by Carlos Torres

"El proceso que yo tuve con el abogado Daniel Berger y su officina fue muy excelente.

Me gusto come el abogado Berger me ayudo el dia del audencia con el juez. Sus secratarias fueron muy amables y me ayudaron mucho con mi caso. Yo recomendo mucho a el abogado Daniel Berger."

– Carlos Torres
Testimonial by A.Y. Disla

"I was extremely satisfied with Mr. Daniel Berger and his staff.

Mr. Berger was great in the hearing and how he handled my case. I am really thankful for all the hard work. Mr. Berger and his staff did and for winning my case."

– A.Y. Disla
Testimonial by Lilliam Rivera-Reyes

"I had a very challenging case; another attorney took my case and to my surprise sent me a letter dropping my case. I was very down and did not think I had a chance, until I met Mr. Berger and his staff.

Their professionalism and hospitality was very warm and inviting. They took my case on as a challenge and gave me a hope. I am very thankful for his professionalism and for winning my case. I will never forget him and will recommend him to my friends and family."

– Lilliam Rivera-Reyes