Are you applying for Social Security disability benefits? If so, you will have to work with a handful of people throughout the application process: doctors, Social Security Administration (SSA) representatives, and even judges, if you appeal your claims. But there is also a person who, although optional to bring on board, is a guaranteed asset to your team: the attorney representing you in your case. Here are the three main reasons why you should have a disability attorney.

Social Security Disability Attorney


1. Your Case May Be Expedited

It often takes months before the application process is complete, but working with an attorney may speed up the process. For example, Daniel Berger and his team have been able to expedite reviews and appeals for many of their clients. You may also have a condition that you didn’t know was on the compassionate allowance list – that is, the list of conditions for which the SSA automatically grants benefits – and your attorney will catch this if you don’t.

2. They Do A Lot of Work For You

Your attorney is able work as your agent, gathering your medical information for you – Daniel Berger’s firm in NY contacts their clients’ physicians and hospitals, going so far as to ask specific questions ask specific questions regarding your medical condition. If you believe your condition is disabling, you probably already know the ins and outs your health, but your attorney may be able to retrieve information from your doctors that you never even knew you needed.

3. Your Case Will Be Appealed…Period

Disability lawyers don’t bail on you if your first attempt at applying for benefits is denied. Daniel Berger’s firm in NY will work with their clients from the application stage all the way to a federal district court review, if necessary, and doesn’t charge until a favorable decision is made.

Bottom line: having an attorney gives you a greater chance at getting the disability benefits you deserve. If you live in the state of New York and are at any point in the process, contact one of Daniel Berger’s offices for assistance today.