Can I Get Social Security Disability for Hemochromatosis?

When the body absorbs too much iron due to abnormal digestive system functioning, a condition called iron “overload” occurs, which causes joint pain, constant fatigue, weakness and weight loss. Other hemochromatosis symptoms include hair loss, graying/darkening of the skin and heart arrhythmia. Progressive hemochromoatosis may also damage the liver and pancreas to the point diabetes and cirrhosis develops. Severe cases of a hemochromatosis disorder can lead to heart failure and certain types of cancer.


Does the Social Security Administration Offer Disability Benefits for Hemochromatosis?

Yes. While early stage hemochromatosis symptoms usually do not prevent someone from working, late diagnosis of this disorder may show liver, pancreas or other organ disease has impaired a person’s ability to remain employed. To be approved for Social Security disability, applicants with hemochromatosis must show the SSA they cannot perform physical work work involving sitting or standing due to weakness, joint pain or other debilitating condition. In addition, hemochromatosis symptoms such as inability to concentrate or focus on tasks can help support an individual’s claim that a hemochromatosis disorder has rendered them incapable of working.

What Medical Documentation is Needed to Get Approval for a Hemochromatosis Disability Claim?

Two tests used to detect hemochromatosis are called serum transferrin saturation and serum ferritin. The SSA will want to see the results of these tests when a claim is submitted for consideration. Liver function analyses identify cirrhosis of the liver while MRIs measure degrees of iron overload in the liver. When liver damage is detected, physicians may want to remove a tissue sample from the liver for further evaluation. Results of liver biopsies should also be included when applying for Social Security disability.

What Happens If the SSA Denies a Disability Claim for Hemochromatosis?

Reasons for a claims denial usually involve lack of sufficient medical documentation to prove an applicant is unable to work. The SSA allows claimants to appeal denials but the process of appealing is complex and lengthy. Since appeals often result in another denial, hiring a disability lawyer to handle your hemochromatosis disorder case is strongly recommended. Contact the Law Office of Daniel Berger today to schedule a consultation appointment.