As with many things in life, it helps to have advice from someone with the professional expertise to back it up. This is especially true when dealing with a disability claim. You have a lot at stake, and in order to avoid many headaches later, making sure you have someone qualified who specializes in disability claims is very important.

How an Attorney Can Help With My Disability Claim

Reasons to Hire an Attorney For Your Disability Claim:

– He or she is an expert.

Attorneys who specialize in disability claims are experts in this sector of law. They know all the ins and outs and what to look out for when dealing with disability claims. They know the procedures that need to be followed. When doing your own research, you may miss something that is important.

– They’ve done this before.

Because they know all the rules and regulations and have been through this before, disability attorneys know which arguments are most likely to win a case. They have seen firsthand what arguments work and which ones are questionable.

– They know how to win by having the right medical evidence.

Winning your disability claim really hinges on the medical evidence that you have to back up your claim. Without it, your entire case falls apart.

These attorneys are well-versed in working with medical professionals and making sure you have obtained the right medical evidence that you need to win your case. It’s also important that your evidence is appropriately recent or it may not be considered. It’s imperative to follow exact guidelines in regards to medical evidence and attorneys are the best at making sure your evidence is in order.

How Do I Know If I Need An Attorney?

– Your case isn’t as clear-cut as you’d like.

Unless you have a very clear illness or injury that will disable you for at least 12 months, you probably want an attorney. An attorney can help you with your initial claim to make sure you have everything in order to avoid being denied.

If you have a combination of medical problems, it can be complicated. You may not know which medical evidence should be emphasized. This is where an attorney can step in to help.

– You’ve already been denied twice and need a hearing.

An attorney can speed up this process and may even help you avoid going to court. He or she will help you prepare for this hearing to give you the best chance of success.

To avoid issues later, an attorney can make the process of a disability claim much easier on you. Contact The Law Office of Daniel Berger to see how we can help you!